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Broadsheet case-The British firm paid £20,000 to the Sharif family

LONDON( REPORTBEAT )- The British firm had to pay. Broadsheets have to pay about Rs 45 lakh to the Sharif family And the lawyers of Broadsheet have confirmed the payment while the lawyers of Sharif family have confirmed the receipt of money.

Broadsheet has made a payment of £20,000 (equivalent to 4.5 million Pakistani Rupees) to the Sharif family for the settlement of the Sharif family’s legal costs after having withdrawn the Avenfield Apartments attachment application before the English High Court for the seizure and sale of four Avenfield Apartments in the Broadsheet vs Pakistan/National Accountability Bureau (NAB) case.

Lawyers acting for the Sharif family have confirmed that the payment has been received in their bank account whereas Broadsheet’s lawyers have also confirmed making the payment.

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