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An armed man trying to break into the Congress building

Joe Biden's Joe Biden's

The threat of a civil war has not yet been averted in the United States. Despite the presence of thousands of soldiers, the gunman was arrested for trying to enter the Congress building through the red zone.

According to the World News Agency, US President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony is scheduled for January 20 and strict security measures have been taken after the attack on the Congress building on January 6, but a gunman overcame all obstacles. Reached very close to the building.

Military personnel guarding the building, realizing the danger, stopped the man from entering and recovered a pistol and 500 bullets during a search. The gunman had a fake permit to enter the red zone and the building.

The arrested gunman has been handed over to the police but his identity will be revealed only after the completion of the investigation and the reason for his presence in the area has not been ascertained yet.

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