Americans spend averagely $91.75 on Amazon per month. Lowest and highest spending states

As Prime Day approaches, an insightful survey sheds light on the remarkable amount of money Amazon is able to generate from its customer base.

According to data collected by Upgraded Points, which surveyed 3,200 shoppers across 44 states about their Amazon shopping habits, the average American spends $91.75 on the popular e-commerce site each month.

The study revealed that non-Amazon Prime members spend an average of $38 per month, while those subscribed to the membership shopping service spend an average of $110 per month, amounting to $1,320 annually.

During Amazon’s Prime Day shopping extravaganza, participants reported an average spending of $117 on discounted products.

Prime members pay an annual fee of $139, granting them various perks such as two-day shipping, access to Prime Video streaming, and discounts at Amazon-owned Whole Foods. With over 200 million members, the service successfully fosters customer loyalty.

“I think it’s something that we can all relate to. I know I’m very guilty of it,” says Bre Lewis, a research assistant at Upgraded Points, acknowledging the allure of spending on Amazon. “When you have that Prime membership and you need a new showerhead or your dog tore a toy, you know that you can get it in at least two days.”

The survey also revealed that 25% of Americans make purchases on Amazon at least once a week, while 33% of respondents admitted to spending more money on Amazon this year than they have in their savings accounts.

Lewis further explains, “It really has made us spend more money because we see how easy it is to buy things from the app. It’s just a click away.”

These 10 states have the lowest average monthly Amazon expenditure:

1. West Virginia: $56.10
2. Minnesota: $68.86
3. Indiana: $72.87
4. Missouri: $74.78
5. Maine: $75
6. Pennsylvania: $75.79
7. Nevada: $75.93
8. Kansas: $76. 29
9. Idaho: $77.07
10. Oregon: $77.55

These are the 10 states with the highest average monthly Amazon expenditure:

1. Tennessee: $124.22
2. Delaware: $114
3. Wisconsin: $113.66
4. Iowa: $113.46
5. Washington: $112.06
6. New Mexico: $110.56
7. Kentucky: $108.63
8. Utah: $107.69
9. Massachusetts: $105.52
10. Arkansas: $105.20