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American women converted to Islam after listening Ibn Al-Arabi’s messages IN Turkish drama serial “Ertugrul Ghazi”.

According to Turkish media reports, a 60-year-old woman from the US state of Wisconsin has converted to Islam, after which she was named Khadija, a resident of a small town.

US woman liked the roles of Turgat (Noor Gul) and Saljan (Shahnaz) in the Turkish drama.

She said she was impressed by Mohi-ud-Din Ibn al-Arabi’s messages in the play and changed her way of thinking about life.

Khadija says she is so attached to history that she turned her attention to this Turkish drama and I had the opportunity to learn about Islam and study it. I read the Qur’an in English many times , I want to go to Turkey and live there. I am also fond of Turkish food,My ancestors came to the United States from Norway and their DNA contains a mixture of Turkish descent.

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