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After killing lover, young man himself happily committed suicide

KARACHI ( REPORTBEAT ) – Intercity bus stand near MA Jinnah Road Taj Complex in Karachi the young man shot the bus hostess and then committed suicide.

A young man was killed and a young girl was seriously injured in the incident. The body of the young man who was killed in the firing was shifted to Civil Hospital while the condition of the girl is said to be critical.

According to SHO Brigade Majid Korai, young man was identified as 21-year-old Malik Shahzeb son of Malik Muhammad Shoaib Awan and the injured girl was identified as 23-year-old Tanzeela daughter of Bin Yamin. Malik Shahzeb, who was killed in the firing, was working on an intercity bus while the injured girl is also an employee of Inter City Bus Service (Kainat Travel) as a bus hostess. The deceased was a native of Klarkalhal chkwal Tehsil while the injured girl was a resident of Bahawalpur.

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