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Afghanistan’s future will be decided at negotiation table: Taliban

Following US President Joe Biden’s suggestions about a possible delay in the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan under the Doha agreement, the Taliban warned that it will launch its annual spring offensive.

Mohammad Naeem, the spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar and a member of its negotiation team, spoke in an interview with Anadolu Agency about the Taliban’s vision of the current situation and future of the Afghan peace process.

At a news conference in Moscow, you didn’t rule out the possibility of launching the spring offensive if the US does not withdraw its troops. But in this case, Afghans will die. Why should Afghans pay for the US failure to fulfill its obligations?

Mohammad Naeem: Yes, we have said this in Moscow, and we have issued a new statement. If foreign forces do not leave our country, freedom and independence are the demand of our people. All nations are sacrificing for their freedom. We are representing our people. We have been fighting against foreign forces for the last 20 years, and it is the right of the people to defend their freedom, values, and independence. In fact, freedom has a very high price. Sacrificing for it is the most important thing in the history of nations and is considered an honor.

AA: Does the agreement between the US and the Taliban suggest a possible termination before the fulfillment of its terms by the will of one side or by mutual agreement? If so, what are the conditions of the termination? What are the consequences?

MN: There is no specific condition for the cancellation of the agreement made in Doha. But of course, if either side does not abide by its obligations, it means breaking the agreement itself, and such are conditions. Both we and the Americans wanted to end this war. Ending the war was the common goal, so there was no need to start the war again. But now that the other side is not adhering to it or showing such signs, it is their problem. Otherwise, in the beginning, everyone wanted to end the war imposed on our nation, wanted our nation to be at peace and our country to be free.

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