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Actress Humaima Malik wishes to wear hijab for the rest of her life.”

In a social media post, Actress Humaima Malik shared a picture with friend and former actor Noor Bukhari, praising her for the guidance and penning down words of appreciation that came straight from her heart. Humaima Malik shared a photo in the story on Instagram in which she is seen smiling with actress Noor Bukhari.

“There are very few people in life who expect nothing from you but your own good! Noor you are so noorani meri pyaari Noori, may Allah bless you always and forever,” Malik posted.

Humaima Malik thanked Noor Bukhari and said, “Thank you very much for giving me the scarf I am wearing as a gift. May Allah bless me and give me the courage to wear hijab for the rest of my life.”

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