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8 bogies of Karachi Express overturned near Pannu Aqil, woman killed.

ROHRI (REPORTBEAT) –9 bogies of Karachi Express between Rohri and Pannu Aqil derailed, 4 of which fell into a ditch. A woman was killed and 40 others, including children, were injured in the crash, 30 of whom were discharged from the hospital after first aid, while 10 others are being treated.

Railway officials said that the woman killed in the incident has been identified as UZMA. The track is dilapidated at most places in Sukkur division. track in Sukkur division could not be upgraded due to CPEC .

Army and Rangers troops, along with engineering personnel, were immediately moved to the accident site for rescue and relief efforts. All passengers were said to have been moved to their locations.

Due to the accident, the movement of trains has been resumed after being suspended for several hours. However, 7 trains to Karachi and 8 trains to Lahore have been delayed.

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